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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of some Frequently Asked Questions below. If you'd like to ask your own question, click Request Information and we'll get back to you with an answer.

Q: Why should I join Cross Creek West HOA? Where do my dues go?

A: Your Dues are used to pay for the ongoing expenses for maintenance of the community property on the northeast corner of Legacy & Red River. By keeping our neighborhood looking its best, our property values also remain at their highest. Also, paid members are entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting. By supporting the Home Owners Association, you help to ensure that our neighborhood continues to be sought after as a great place to live.

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Q: What is a voluntary homeowner's association?

A: It is a voluntary non-profit association organized for neighborhood improvement that has a geographical boundary. The voluntary homeowners association has no legal authority to enact or enforce maintenance or design requirements beyond those established by City ordinances. The association is financially supported by all voluntary members of the homeowners association. Membership is open to all residents defined in the Bylaws but participation is optional.

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Q: What is the Board of Directors, what do they do, and how do I reach them?

A: The Homeowner's Association is a non-profit organization and therefore a governing body is required to oversee its business. The Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the bylaws. The limitation and restrictions of the powers of the Board of Directors is outlined in the Association governing documents found within the Resource Center page of this site. As a small voluntary Association the Board of Directors also provides such services as: Collection of annual dues, supervision of subcontractors, obtaining bids for subcontracted services, providing financial statements, as well as a general clearing house for problem solving, and communications with homeowners. The Board of Directors may be reached online on this website by email, on-line form or by phone from the numbers listed on the Contact Us and Board of Directors pages on this site.

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Q: What are the Bylaws?

A: The Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the non-profit organization. The Bylaws define the duties of the various offices of the Board of Directors, the terms of the Directors, the membership's voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and the principal office of the Association, as well as other specific items that are necessary to run the organization. The Bylaws for the association may be viewed online within the Resource Center page of this site.

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Q: Are there any other rules?

A: We do not have any additional rules.

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Q: Are Board Meetings open to all residents? If so, where and when are they held?

A: Yes. Notice of the time and place of any regular board meeting will be noted in the annual community newsletter, in a special mailing notice, or accessed online on the Calendar page.

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Q: If I want to volunteer, how do I find out what committees are active and how I can get involved?

A: The Contact Us page of this website will inform you of the status of current committees organized and committee contact information. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the committee chair or request more information with the Information Request form found on the Contact Us page of this site. Examples of committees include Grounds & Maintenance Committee and Social Committee.

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Q: What are the annual dues?

A: The annual dues from each voluntary homeowner member are used to cover the operating expenses of the common area and provide for reserve funds for replacement of common facilities in future years. Your annual dues are due on the first day of September each year. Statements will be sent for annual dues as a reminder for the amount due. The annual dues for Fiscal Year 2016 are $30. The annual dues have only increased once since 1999.

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Q: How is the amount of the annual dues determined?

A: When the Association was formed the Board of Directors developed an initial budget for maintaining the common area at the northeast corner of Legacy Dr. and Red River Dr.. This budget covers utilities, landscaping, administration, etc. Reserve funds are monies set aside for future expenses due to the life expectancy of certain items: lighting, irrigation systems, etc. These amounts are then divided by the number of voluntary members in the Association. Subsequent budgets are developed by the Board of Directors and adjusted periodically to meet anticipated expenses.

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Q: Will my annual dues go up?

A: The Board of Directors may approve an increased budget in order to cover increased costs of operating and maintaining the common area and sufficient reserve funds. The dues required will be determined by the Board of Directors and agreed to by the members at the annual meeting. We have maintained our current annual dues rate since 1999. This has been achieved through good stewardship of our assets, a steady membership level, and by using City of Plano Grants to help us with initial capital improvements such as irrigation and lighting.

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Q: What happens if I don't pay my annual dues?

A: We are a voluntary Association and we do not require membership. If you do not pay your annual dues you simply will not be part of the volunteer community that is helping to maintain our common area.

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