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December 23, 2012
Tree Maintenance

We completed a major pruning of the bradford pear trees on the corner last week. The result is a more open look and much more sunlight for our flowers, especially on the southwest side of the corner. This maintenance activity is part of our long term Tree Management program. Our last major tree pruning was in May 2010. We hope everyone enjoys the new look. Look for new flowers comming to the corner in the spring.

October 1, 2012
2013 Annual Dues Reminder

Annual Dues were due on September 1, 2012. If you have not yet paid your dues, please do as soon as possible. This will reduce Association expenses as well as your expenses. The annual dues are $20 and they should be mailed to:

Cross Creek West III HOA
1625 Endicott Dr
Plano, TX 75025

September 1, 2012
Cross Creek West III HOA Annual Meeting
TBD - In October - Please check the announcements and calendar pages for details soon.

All neighbors are welcome. Come join us and learn about Cross Creeek West III HOA activities in 2012, plans for the future and vote for Cross Creek West III HOA Board of Directors. If you are not already a member this is a great time to join us.

August 15, 2012
Pay Your Dues Online!

We are now accepting online payments using PayPal. PayPal allows users to pay online safely and securely. A user can quickly pay with their credit card with no need to create a PayPal account. If users do decide to create their own PayPal account they have the option to link their account to their checking account or a credit card and can purchase items online without having to enter their credit card or bank information.

Going green and paying online helps reduce our mailing costs and also helps save a tree.

Click here to pay your dues online now!

August 9, 2012
The HOA is now accepting nominations for the Board!

We are looking for interested residents to become involved and join our Board. If you are interested or would like to nominate someone to be on the board, please contact Gene Flynn at 972-517-3615. Certain criteria will need to be met, and interested individuals will be asked to submit a short bio and application. Additional information regarding the Board positions and requirements can be found on our website. The time required is minimal and we are always searching for new voices. Elections will take place at the Annual Meeting in October. Check the website calendar for the exact date and location. Please make plans to join us!

August 8, 2012
Plano Schools Begin Monday, August 27, 2012: Watch Your Speed

School Zone Sign

Plano Schools Begin Monday, August 27, 2012. Plano Police Officers will be heavily enforcing school zones, crosswalks and speed limits to assure a safe commute to school. Remember, the children walking to school in our neighborhood are our friends' children, our neighbors' children and our own children. Please drive safely throughout the neighborhood.

The Plano Police Department offers the following reminders for safe motoring throughout the school year:

  • Drive 20mph in designated zones
  • Commute around areas of school traffic to get to work.
  • Never "wave" a child across the street from your vehicle
  • Don't drop your children out at random spots along the road to school.
  • Watch for clearly marked pedestrian crossings at locations where Crossing Guards are not on duty.
  • Use carpool lanes correctly and don't unload except at the school entrance.
  • Observe and obey the Cross Guard directions.

For a map of Plano School Zones and Speeding Fines Schedule, click here.

August 1, 2012
2013 Annual Dues Reminder

Annual Membership Dues for 2013 are due on September 1. This covers our fiscal year September 1, 2012 thru August 31, 2013. Thanks to everyone for supporting your voluntary HOA. The annual dues are $20 and they should be mailed to:

Cross Creek West III HOA
1625 Endicott Dr
Plano, TX 75025

April 22, 2012
Spring Clean-Up

Spring Clean Up

We completed our annual spring cleanup and flower planting on Saturday. We added additional garden soil to raise the flower bed this year. This will make our new blooms more visible from the street. We trimmed our silver dust which we planted three years ago. The newly planted red begonias and yellow marigolds look very nice in front of the silver dust. We also trimmed the hedges.

Thank you members for your voluntary membership dues and time. Your investment in our community helps our corner at Red River and Legacy continue to enhance the entrance to our neighborhood.

April 14, 2012
Membership Update

As of April 14, 2012, Cross Creek West III HOA has only 33 paid members out of 90 residences. This represents only a 36.6% participation rate and is well below the 40 members needed to meet our annual budget. Please encourage your neighbors to join the association, if they aren't currently members. Membership dues are only $20 a year and are used to benefit the entire neighborhood.

January 7, 2012
Winter Clean-Up

Winter Clean Up

We completed our annual winter cleanup on Saturday. The Silver Dust are still looking good. We were able to reuse these again for the third year in a row. They make a nice backdrop of silvery white. With the leaves removed and the flower beds cleaned our entrance at Red River and Legacy looks great and is well prepared for our spring clean-up and spring planting in April.

Thank you Jake from Boy Scout Troop 181 for volunteering to help us this year.

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