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Garage Sales

All Garage Sales in the City of Plano require a permit. Click on a City of Plano link at the right to find out more information.

garage saleCleaning out your closets, lots of stuff in your garage, thinking of holding a garage sale? Before you do, please be advised that there are some guidelines to follow to avoid receiving a citation. The City's code inspectors investigate violations seven days a week. A problem that they encounter frequently are garage sale signs posted in the wrong places.

Please go to the City of Plano website at and follow the step-by-step directions to get a garage sale permit. It only takes about 2 minutes. Plus, an advantage of this is that your "stuff" will be registered so interested customers can find your garage sale and item categories by searching on the City of Plano garage sale site. This is added publicity for your garage sale! It's really easy to do!

Make sure to print a copy of your permit because you can get fined as high as $500.00 if you do not have a permit on the premises the day of the garage sale! The police DO make random checks in the neighborhood on the day of the sale.

Send an email to and we will include a news item announcing your garage sale.

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