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November 23, 2007
Dickens in Historic Downtown Plano

Friday, Nov. 30, 6-10PM - Haggard Park, 901 15th St.

Dickens in Historic Downtown PlanoCome enjoy the festivities of the season with carolers, music on several stages and a visit with Santa! Delight in great shopping, food, hand bell choirs and a variety of other wonderful entertainment that includes performances by the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Choir, Dixie Style Cloggers, Dance Depot, Milo and Rachel's Acoustic Kitchen, Sounding Brass, Vocal Magic, Parkway Hill Baptist Church Choir, Center for Dance, Men of Note and so many more!

Tree lighting ceremony at 7:00pm in Haggard Park. For more info call 972-941-PARK or visit

October 29, 2007
Daylight Savings Time Ends Later This Year
Fall Back

In 2005 Congress lengthened daylight savings time by four weeks for energy efficiency. Lawmakers agreed to start daylight savings time three weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March, and end it a week later, on the first Sunday in November. The change started March 11, 2007. Don't forget to "fall back" to Standard Time on November 4, 2007 this year.

October 22, 2007
Vote For the Future of Collin County On November 6
Vote! It Matters

Early voting for the Nov. 6, 2007 Special Election begins Monday, Oct. 22, and runs through Friday, Nov. 2. View the sample ballots, find an early voting location, find your election day polling location, or search for your voter registration online... more

October 8, 2007
Fall Clean-up

Volunteers completed fall clean-up this week. Our flower beds are cleared, the shrubs are trimmed, and new pansies are planted to keep our entrance beautiful for the fall and winter months. If you are interested in volunteering to help with our Fall and Spring Clean-up please send us an e-mail. Just click on I Want To Volunteer.

October 1, 2007
Cub Scouts Perform Flag Retirement Ceremony
Flag Retirement

We want to thank our local Cub Scout Den 8 again for retiring the American flag flying behind our corner this past week. The cub scouts provided a community service by honorably disposing of the worn United Stages Flag and raising a new flag in its place. The new "Old Glory" flies proudly over our entrance at the northeast corner of Red River and Legacy.

September 15, 2007
Support Local Cub Scout Pack 1220. Buy Popcorn.

Boys everywhere need a helping hand, a lift up, and your purchase of popcorn gives them the boost they need. More than 70% of your purchase goes to help boys in your local Scout Council. It pays for the activities they do, the camps they attend, and for necessary equipment. Each Scout is responsible, along with his family, for raising money for his Pack or Troop. Your assistance through your popcorn purchase is appreciated very much. In addition to buying Trail's End from a Scout, you may purchase popcorn directly from the website and your favorite Scout and his Pack or Troop will receive credit. He must give you his Order Key number so you can use it when you order Trail's End Popcorn. Thank you for your continued support of Scouting.

If you are interested in puchasing popcorn from a neighborhood Cub Scout just click on Pack 1220 Popcorn and include your name, address telephone number, email and the best time for a Cub Scout and Adult Volunteer to contact you. Or, click on this link to find out more information or purchase popcorn directly from the website.

September 1, 2007
2008 Annual Dues Reminder

Annual dues for September 2007 thru August 2008 are now due. Thanks to everyone for supporting your voluntary HOA. Our annual mailing goes out in September and includes a self-addressed envelope for submitting your dues. The dues should be mailed to:

Cross Creek West III HOA
1625 Endicott Dr
Plano, TX 75025

August 28, 2007
Plano Balloon Festival

September 21, 22, 23

Oak Point Park - 2801 E. Spring Creek Parkway

Friday4pm - 10pm
Saturday6am - 10pm
Sunday6am - 7pm

See it thousands of smiling faces are awestruck by the vision of 75 hot air balloons filling the sky.

Fesitival information.

August 24, 2007
Plano Schools Begin Monday, August 27, 2007: Watch Your Speed
School Zone Sign

Plano Schools Begin Monday, August 27, 2007. Plano Police Officers will be heavily enforcing school zones, crosswalks and speed limits to assure a safe commute to school. Remember, the children walking to school in our neighborhood are our friends' children, our neighbors' children and our own children. Please drive safely througout the neighborhood.

The Plano Police Department offers the following reminders for safe motoring throughout the school year:

  • Drive 20mph in designated zones
  • Commute around areas of school traffic to get to work.
  • Never "wave" a child across the street from your vehicle
  • Don't drop your children out at random spots along the road to school.
  • Watch for clearly marked pedetrian crossings at locations where Crossing Guards are not on duty.
  • Use carpool lanes correctly and don't unload except at the school entrance.
  • Observe and obey the Cross Guard directions.

For a map of Plano School Zones and Speeding Fines Schedule, click here.

July 3, 2007
City of Plano Watering Restrictions Terminated
North Texas Municipal Water District and the City Move to Water Conservation Plans

As of July 3, 2007, all water use restrictions have been terminated for Plano.

Citizens are encouraged to continue the practice of good water conservation measures:
  • No watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • No excessive watering such that a constant stream of water overflows from the lawn onto driveways, sidewalks or streets.
  • Remember, only one inch of water is needed weekly for your lawns and shrubs.
  • No watering during rain or any precipitation events.
Click here for the complete news release.

July 1, 2007
Announcing Our New Web Site!

By Gary Sanders - Board Secretary

We've put our association online to provide you with news and announcements; and access to an online resource center for important association documents.  We hope you'll take advantage of this new service. Your input and suggestions will be appreciated. Just click on Send Comments.  

Gary Sanders
Board Secretary

Volunteers Prune Trees

May 16, 2007

Volunteers trimmed the bradford pear trees at the entrance to our community this week. The removal of lower limbs enhances the appearance of the corner and allows additional sunlight to reach our newly planted spring blooms.

Cub Scouts Perform Flag Retirement Ceremony

May 7, 2007
Flag Retirement

We want to thank our local Cub Scout Den 8 for retiring the American flag flying behind our corner this past week. The cub scouts provided a community service by honorably disposing of the worn United Stages Flag and raising a new flag in its place. The new "Old Glory" flies proudly over our entrance at the northeast corner of Red River and Legacy.

New Spring Flowers

April 26, 2007
Spring Flowers

Check out the new spring flowers at our corner on Red River and Legacy. Our volunteers have completed planting new yellow Marigolds and new yellow Coreopsis "Nana". The Aquatic Lillies that we planted last week and the Nanas are perennials that bloom each year from mid Spring through mid Autumn. We plan on introducing additional perennials each year. This will help us reduce our annual expenses while still providing a beautiful entrance to our neighborhood.

Landscape Lighting Updated

April 23, 2007
Landscape Lighting

Many thanks to the volunteers for installing our new low-voltage outdoor lighting this week. After five years several of our lights were no longer working and most were looking very battered. The new lights look great, and so does our entrance at the northeast corner of Legacy and Red River. Check it out at night this week and see for yourself.

Irrigation Improvements

April 21, 2007

We moved the location of the sprinkler heads in from the street to prevent damage from large vehicles jumping the curb when making turns at the inter-section. This has been a major cause of repair expenses each year. The new location should prevent future damage and reduce repair costs in the future. We also added a water faucet at the corner. The faucet is located in a below ground valve box to prevent vandalism. This will make it more convenient to hand water our flowers when needed.

Spring Clean-Up

April 17, 2007
Aquatic Lilies

We completed our annual Spring Clean-Up this week. The flower beds are cleared, shrubs are trimmed and new yellow Aquatic Lillies have been planted to keep our entrance beautiful throughout the spring and summer. Thankyou volunteers for your time and the hard work.

Its Easy To Conserve Water. Especially When It's Free!

City Of Plano Website

April 2, 2007

All Plano residents are eligible for free water conservation items such as high quality, low-flow shower heads, shower timers, kitchen and bath aerators, toilet leak detection tablets, adjustable toilet flappers and rain guages. Stop by the Customer and Utility Service (CUS) counters from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Friday to pick up any of these items. There are two convenient locations:

  • Muncipal Center 1520 Ave "K" (between 15th & 18th St.)
  • Joint Use Facility at 7501 N. Independence (adjacent to Davis Library)
Click here for more City of Plano water conservation programs.

City of Plano Adopts New Watering Schedule
Stage 3 Water Restrictions Continue

City Of Plano Website

March 23, 2007

Water customers will now be allowed to water their landscape twice per week. Each address will be able to water in the morning on one day (2 am - 10:00 am) and about 3 days later will have the opportunity to water again in the evening (6 pm - 10 pm). Watering is prohibited between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm as well as 10:00 pm - 2:00 am. Detailed information is being sent to each Plano water customer during the next 30 days. Please be advised there is NO landscape watering on Sundays.Click here for the complete news release.

Unwanted Solicitation and Handbills at Your Home and Office?
Stop the Madness!

City of Plano Website

The City has an ordinance prohibiting solicitation if a property owner has a posted sign. A violation of this ordinance is a Class C misdemeanor and may result in a fine up to $500.00. Many solicitation problems are effectively handled when the citizen takes the following steps. Click here to find out more.

Lawncare Tips - When to Fertilize for Early Spring (March to May)

Scotts Website

Most lawns require 4-5 feedings per year. Basically, the first feeding should coincide with the first mowing; and the last feeding when the grass is done growing for the year. Lawns wake up hungry from the winter months. A spring feeding strengthens roots and gets lawns off to a good start before the heavy growing season. In most cases, it is wise to apply a combination fertilizer with a pre-emergent to control crabgrass. Check with your lawn service professional or go to to find out what fertilizer and weed control is best for your type of grass, and for the best time to apply.

Daylight savings is earlier this year

Dallas Times Herald

Spring Forward

In 2005 Congress lengthened daylight savings time by four weeks for energy efficiency. Lawmakers agreed to start daylight savings time three weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March, and end it a week later, on the first Sunday in November. The change starts March 11, 2007.

Scouting for Food

Hedgcoxe Elementary - Cub Scout Pack 1220

Scouting for Food

Please help the Scouts restock the food banks of North Texas by placing your non-perishable items outside your door on Saturday, February 10th (before 9am). Sample items include canned vegetables, canned meats, canned soups/juices and canned baby formula. Please place your food items in the yellow bag left on your door earlier in the week. Donations can also be made at your local Tom Thumb during the month of February. Click here for more information on the Scouting for Food Drive

Winter Cleanup

Cross Creek West

Our fall flowers are still looking fantastic in January. We completed our annual winter cleanup on Thursday January 25, 2007. With the leaves removed and the flower beds cleaned out, our entrance at Red River and Legacy continues to "Keep Plano Beautiful". Thanks to all the volunteer members for helping make this happen.

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